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Fire Away, Fire Away.   Place Your Thoughts, Photos, Stories, Music, and Videos Here.    Jackie. Eighteen Years Young. Graduating Class of 2014. Headed off on the next steps in this crazy journey called life. Sharing my heart with a few special people, many dogs, two cats, and a pixiebob. Studying for a pre-law degree. Art is most definitely the Weapon. Music is the key. Tattoos and Piercings are beautiful. Burlesque dancers are Goddesses. PAGAN. If you don't agree with my views, I don't mind. However, that doesn't mean I'll accept yours without questions too. Queen of the Nerds, I play drunk chess and win. Never Back Down From A Challenge, Especially if it pushes the question of your honor. 

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Where are you? And im so sorry. I cannot sleep, i cannot dream tonight.

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" Ever notice in movies how people can just, like.. dive underwater and see where they’re going just fine?? Drives me crazy. I open my eyes underwater and all I see is a blurry fog and everything stings.. and if it’s not fresh water? Forget it. Movies are stupid."

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Good evening. Welcome to the six o’clock news. I’m your anchor…

This man is an absolute genious, he is the true Punmaster

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Pug gets scolded by owner and takes it to heart 

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Clearly, indoors is best right now..

Clearly, indoors is best right now..

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